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Avatar Designer Overview

Design different Social Media Avatar Styles ...
> 30 and more form / color combinations for your profile image ...
use layout template to position your avatar ...
choose template and background color ...
maybe you usean image tool and/or a portrait styler in advance!!

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Prepare Image

Portraits / Avatar Objects should be located in the upper middle of the image to get best results with Toon.Pics Avatar Designer.

You can download our template
and prepare your image
or you might use our online simple image editor to prepare your image.

Choose Avatar Form

avatar circle Circle
avatar star Star
avatar beam Beam
avatar oval Oval
avatar frame Frame
avatar smartphone SmartPhone

Choose Background

avatar blue blue
avatar green green
avatar red red
avatar gray gray
avatar gradient gradient
If no form and/or background selected, Circle and Blue ae seet as default!

General Remarks

Optimal image width= 750 pixel - with portrait centered in upper half

Pay attention to a high contast background

Your generated images are downloadable immediately after generation for approx. 10 minutes - after that time, all generated images will be deleted on the server.

We use Photos and Portraits from for demo purposes - see the list of images and photographers in our FAQs