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Informational Structures - Networks - AI - Ethics - Society - Systems - Humanities -
and Toon.Pics is one of our labs of applied AI :-)

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Portrait Styler

Portrait Styles: Comics - Beautifier -
look like 30 - Big Eyes - Big Smile
Portrait Styler Overview

more to come

Image Tools

Cartoonize Photos - Photocopy -
Remove Backgounds - Colorize / deoldify
black&white Photos - Upscale Images -

Image Tools Overview

Avatar Designer

30 and more Form / Color Combinations
Avatar Designer Overview

more to come

Since this website acts as a laboratory for applied AI, new services and algorithms can and will be reimplemented from time to time and changed now and then.
We use Photos and Portraits from for demo purposes - see the list of images and photographers in our FAQs